Social Enterprise, Small Business


Other People’s Stuff by EstateMAX

Address: 93 Monocacy Blvd.
Frederick, MD 21701
Contact: L Zook
Phone: 301-332-5585

A Social Enterprise Small Business Making a Difference

Other People’s Stuff, O.P.S., is the EstateMAX Multiple Estates Liquidation Warehouse located on MOnocacy Blvd just off the Interstate 70 South Street Exit.

EstateMAX conducts estate and living estate, moving and downsizing sales throughout the DC Metro area and brings the quality unsold goods to O.P.S. for sale at PROGRESSIVE DISCOUNTING.

O.P.S. sells at 50% and 75% OFF the TAGGED prices over a period of 120 days. Our sales are held on three day weekends to coincide with Frederick 1st Saturday weekends, STARTING ON FRIDAY AT 9 AM… and more often as our Estate Sales schedule allows.

Furniture, Table top, Art, Decor, Accessories, Books, More

Antiques, Vintage and Litely Used… SIGN UP HERE FOR UPDATES ON OUR EMAIL LIST

Call or text if you have questions regarding hours, inventory or special sales events.





About the Author EstateMax

Unique, Personalized Solutions for Estate Downsizing, Estate Sales and Transitions Services. Serving Seniors, Boomers and Estates in the Washington DC Metro area. The Other People's Stuff Estates Liquidation Warehouse and Showroom in Frederick MD, handles sales of the balance of our estate sales.

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