100 or so, Angi’s (List) and BBB Maryland Real Client Reviews of EstateMAX Services

PODCAST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeeWOjIciFXuKiyb-tZMjLeG8hxCHU_TX If you’re reading this it might imply you are in the market for an estate sale company. To be more detailed for you, to bore you to death with our great reputation… here is every review EstateMAX has ever been awarded with, to date. It’s hard work. I’ll take every positive word everContinue reading “100 or so, Angi’s (List) and BBB Maryland Real Client Reviews of EstateMAX Services”

The Stuff Left After the Stuff That Sold!

There is always that person at an estate sale who asks ” What do you do with the stuff that’s left after the sale is over?!” (Because there always IS stuff left over, regardless of how large or small the inventory.) Sarcasm, my closest friend, honed through many an estate sale encounter, overwhelms my goodContinue reading “The Stuff Left After the Stuff That Sold!”

Who and What is “EstateMAX”?

Who is EstateMAX? EstateMAX is a vetted, licensed service provider employing professional project management skills while representing our clients: owners or executors of residential property and estates, in the course of executing our contract obligations. These contracts can include:  Property Downsizing Organizing, Property Clean Outs and Trash Out, Packing and Unpacking, Organization of Inventories, ValuationContinue reading “Who and What is “EstateMAX”?”


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