How EstateMax Excels and Surpasses the Competition!

EstateMAX coined the phrase ” Maximizing Returns and Minimizing Stress”, all others using similar slogans are copycats of our process!  Maximizing cash from your estate sale or downsizing sale requires a recipe of product and market.  Steve Berryman and Laurie Zook offer real in-field marketing experience, the best selling and negotiating skills, planning and attention to multiple detail with the persistence it takes to realize a successful return on investment of your personal property!

Driving the maximum number of cash-ready qualified customers through your doors is by far most important element to your success and return on investment.  Very simply we do it all, systematically, methodically, and reliably, based upon 17 years of professional estate sales, marketing and advertising success.  We track results meticulously over our online subscriptions.

How do we do this, and “what’s in it for you?…”

We get the word out better than anyone!

Timing is everything.  When we sign a contract with you we typically schedule a 3 day, 25 to 40 hour on-site, in-residence, tag sale.

From the first meeting with you, we evaluate unique and special items for early-targeted marketing. For instance, a special antique, a vehicle, large commodities of bulk items, even portable buildings are placed onto regional/local pages of Craig’s List,  regional Ebay, high end furnishing and decor sales platforms, and specialty online classifieds, as appropriate, several weeks prior to the physical estate sale. This drives traffic to the sale, and brings in capital early in the process.

We employ specialty and local classifieds, multi-lingual newspapers, and classifieds to this end, very successfully. EstateMax market value research is done to arrive at realistic asking prices for these items.

Then, about a week before the actual sale…as we organize and set up your residence: We create digital videos, pictures, narratives and lists of the estate sale items, and broadcast this out with a very “wide net” to:

*Our own web blog,

These ads are then, in turn, posted to our own social media pages on facebook, and to .   [“Other Peoples Stuff,” or O.P.S., our retail liquidations outlet in Frederick, Maryland.]  and onto our own YouTube channel:

[Please click the following link]

And then… 

…These facebook pages, loaded with pictures and descriptions + videos are “shared” electronically to local and regional neighborhood and community or specialty facebook pages, and are linked to other social media platforms like Google +, Linked In, StumbleUpon and others.

We also post to a variety of community listserves, neighborhood and yard sale sites.

Updates on pricing, added pictures, and lists of the remaining are continually posted  during the entire in-home tag sale.

Then we target the two big industry web pages,  & .  Custom ads are created for these pages, and these are cross-posted to the blogs, mailing lists, and our own pages.  When these pages are searched for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC sales, EstateMax is always among the very first names to be listed!

Oh, and about our own EstateMax mailing list:  Estate selling is relationship-based. Over the course of the past 5 years, we have compiled a giant list of prequalified buyers who regularly shop estates for great deals on unique stuff!   Our in-house mailing list was derived from customers shopping at our in-home sales, and from those shopping our retail outlet, OPS.   Click here for details on O.P.S!

To reach the non-internet-savvy buyer,  publishing ads in local print publications has  proven effective,  as appropriate to the location of the tag-sale.

Because 20%, or more, of purchases are from local “walk-in” buyers, we produce professionally designed, graphic yard signs, and place them at key locations and intersections surrounding the sale address.  This is a critical advantage of a true estate sale over an auction, or internet-only sale.

And then, so that you have a “plan B”…

Upon completion of your estate sale, and in the process of creating a “broom clean” cleanout, we offer our clients room at our retail store, OPS, for a 90 day consignment period for good stuff that is always left over from any true estate sale. This is under separate contract and continues to pay off our clients after the sale on a monthly basis.

Items that are identified for charity are donated, the tax receipt forwarded to you.

The EstateMAX hands-on, relationship based, sales process is on-your-site!  …Where items are tagged at between 50 to 75 cents on the (relative) retail dollar, it allows us to negotiate with buyers, and take bids on the more expensive items over the entire period of the sale.  Buyers enjoy the process, and we make it into an event that is fun for the public as well as profitable for you!

[An item of note:  Any company that promises you a near 100% sell-through of your estate, and also claims to get top dollar is contradicting themselves!  The only way to do this is for them to sacrifice your property, for pennies on the dollar!

So compare, and see our rating as the Angies List Super Service Award winner for 2014, based upon customer reviews, in the most recent year that this prestigious prize has been awarded.  Click here for What our customers said

For personalized attention, questions, and to book your sale, call us any time!

Laurie Zook    301-332-5585

Steve Berryman   240 457 7097

A Recent Review from Angie’s List

10/19/2016 – Douglas Griffin

They performed as promised. They estimated that my mother’s possessions should yield somewhere in the $9000 range. They did everything! We simply had to pack what possessions my mother wanted and leave the key. They did everything else to prepare the house for the 3-day estate sale then remove all the belongings that didn’t sell to their consignment shop. After the sale was completed my mother received a check for almost $10,000. Possessions in the consignment shop COULD yield even more. She was so delighted! EstateMAX could well have saved my mother’s life since she didn’t have to deal with any of the stress related to packing and disposing of all the stuff.

Description of work:

My elderly mother sold her home, having to move to Assisted Living. EstateMAX was hired to dispose of practically the entire contents of the home and get it ready for the new owners to close on the home.

  • Category: Moving, Appraisals – Antiques/Jewelry/Items, Furniture – Sales, Auction Services, Home Staging
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $3500
  • Work Completed Date: 09/25/2016
  • Hire Again: Yes
Douglas Griffin
2603 Bear Den Rd
Frederick, MD 21701

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