Sale Architects, Change Agents, EstateMAX

EstateMAX is run by industry pros  in marketing and sales, design and furnishings, transitions, downsizing, logistics, retail and liquidation businesses!

We are sale architects, project managers, logistics And marketing experts, and also design and staging pros.  As the premier, time-tested leader in our field, (since 1999 in this industry, ) we offer you a complete, comprehensive, turn-key approach to solving your circumstance, or simply “a la carte” choices.

But first, WE LISTEN.

Your personal, private consultation will lead the way to stress-relieving solutions!  Our experience allows us to anticipate obstacles ahead of time and avoid disruptions.

We do the heavy-lifting, so you don’t have to.  From estate tag sale promotions and pricing, to pricing, advertising and cleanup, or simply organization or advice for your transition, we are the best.

We will fully plan out a time-line with you, ( your “Trans-Act-on” Plan  that helps you get from where you are into your future, with lessened stress, eliminating surprises, assuring you are in control, not your circumstances.

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