Use my lyrics- inspired by 17 years of professional organization, downsizing and estate sales work- into my mom’s favorite song:

(To The Sound Of Music: These Are “A Few Of My Favorite Things” as best you can…)

….Snot Rags And Sneakers, Faux Leather Purses- Falling In Pieces, Stuff-ed With Red And White Striped Mints And Old TUMS In Wrappers,  A Few Half Dollars That Showed Up Wrapped In Disintegrating Toilet Paper, Not to Forget Old Underwear …And Orthotics… And Bath Tub Lifts.

Old Rose Medallion Punch Bowl, On The Floor Of The Closet,  A Stash Of Pennies In A Parkay Container, A Stack Of Old Books I Shoved In A Box. These Are The Things That I Would Live Off Of Later.

The Chain Saw In The Closet, Set Up On The Shelf. This Is A Symbol Of Old Age Itself.

These Are The Things That My Job Is About. Job Is About. Join In…


About the Author EstateMax

Unique, Personalized Solutions for Estate Downsizing, Estate Sales and Transitions Services. Serving Seniors, Boomers and Estates in the Washington DC Metro area. The Other People's Stuff Estates Liquidation Warehouse and Showroom in Frederick MD, handles sales of the balance of our estate sales.

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