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In 1999 Laurie Zook started Mission:Transition in the Chevy Chase neighborhood of Washington DC, first offering residential pro organization and efficiency planning.

She attracted clients immediately and her business developed into seniors downsizing and transitions and personal property sales services within a few years.

Laurie has been riding the wave of the greying of America since then, working with one client at a time, on a personalized basis.

Transitions services requires attention to detail and empathetic listening with an understanding of a clients’ personal priorities coupled with the linear thinking and problem solving of a professional project manager. Laurie has both these qualities and experience.

Laurie’s main focus is always on her client’s needs and the steps necessary to accomplish the project, on schedule. Together, they set an “exit date” (the move out date) from the home, then proceed to her ACT-ON plan- working in reverse, to establish a schedule that is realistic to the clients’ capabilities.

Working with the client, on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly schedule, until their house has been gone through, sorted, organized; a moving company hired, their new home selected and secured, ready for move in and communications made with family and caretakers. If dictacted by the clients’ circumstance, Laurie and her crew will downsize a home independently, including their client in basic decision making through an interview process.

On moving day, Laurie manages the move as the liason for her client and sets up and organizes the interior. The client moves in and the work has been handled.

Educated at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Design, Laurie has a decade and a half spent in commercial design, furnishing and project management, followed by fine art sales working with corporate buyers and later, several years of overseas small business development and sales experience working in the “Banana Republic” and Hawaii. She is the founder and operator of the ( former) Re-flea, a vendor’s market for old and repurposed items and The Frederick Urban Grower’s, a landshare garden in the historic district of Frederick MD.

Laurie welcomes your collaboration and input. Please call her for a  phone interview and to schedule an onsite review of your project.

Transition is Tough and We Make it Our Business-One Step at a Time!


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