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Since 1999 Serving Seniors, Boomers and Estates-

EstateMAX has Developed Comprehensive Service Packages to Solve Almost Any Problem- Of Your Personal and Property Transition!



EstateMAX Classic On-Site Services:  Typically, our clients are downsizing and relocating. That said, they are ready to, or in process of purging and packing. EstateMax offers downsizing programs through our transitions service, MissionTransition. The sale of the personal property, is done in TAG sale format, in the home, after the client has moved and the new owner has taken possession, typically.  (We can work around a client who is waiting to move. Ask for details.) The quality of the advertising and out- reach marketing to volumes of buyers bringing them into the sale property,  is a big key to the sale success.


All Items in the home, that are not behind locked doors, are considered Inventory and fair game for sale!


How do we do this? Whether we have been working with the client to provide pre-sale organization and downsizing services and we have been pre-organizing for the estate sale, or not. Purging the trash from treasure is necessary.

A property that is dense with personal belongings will demand more time and labor than the opposite. We make all of our estate sale properties into  shoppable, productive environments for the buyers and in turn, our clients reap the returns.

We provide all props, tables, table coverings, and signage.  The home is turned into a shopping experience and we constantly re-merchandise and re-organize as the items are purchased and additional items set up.

EstateMAX completely organizes, merchandises and prices the inventory. As we set up the home, we photograph the inventory to add to our already-placed ad spots and photos. These can be taken during downsizing, and are advertised on major estate sale websites, social media channels, our groups, industry websites, our YouTube channel.

EstateMAX beautiful street signage is placed the day of the sale to attract shoppers in the local area.


Mid week prior to the sale, we record a comprehensive walk through video published to YouTube and social media. It is key to attracting shoppers!

The entire process from setup to clean up including the sale itself is a very physically active process!


The sale itself, lasting from 2 to 6 days.  It can run two extended weekends. The larger and denser packed the property the longer we like to have to sell. Many shoppers come back time after time. It's important that the client allows time for us to set up, run the sale and clean up afterwards to meet their deadline. A normal sale weekend lasts 24 hours over 3 days.

Following the final day of the sale, by appointment we return to meet buyers for them to pick up larger purchases and begin our clean up process. During the sale, items are removed as they are purchased, or at the end of the day. We supervise all removals and contract with delivery services as needed.

Clean up following the sale  consists of pack up of small items, decor, etc. and furniture onto the contractor's truck to remove it to charity. OR, if charity can accommodate and commit to the schedule deadline ( and will take everything, not cherry pick) we schedule with them for pick up.


The property is left broom swept or vacuumed and everything is removed, with the exception of window blinds, appliances, anything attached to the ceiling or walls, and extra screens, paint. We ask the client to mark any items to leave.


Payment is made to the client typically on the Friday following the end of the contract by wire transfer, minus any expenses. These expenses are outlined in advance on our agreement and could include snow removal, dumpsters, labor for trash out, packing and removal to charity.


The cost to the Client is based on the overall contract: client's circumstances, volume and quality of inventory,  hours needed of labor required to set up, clean up, removal and specific location considerations.

American Society of Estate Liquidators


The Transitions Plan, Downsizing Consultation-  Done on site, In the client’s home, we provide a client consultation to review project goals, review the deadline, and establish a Transitions Plan, or tweak their existing plan.

EstateMAX can design a written outline/plan with the client for a fee and turn it over to them to follow or we will provide hands-on downsizing labor to work with them as they are physically able, or we will handle all the physical aspects of the downsizing, as established.



For Do -It -Yourself Downsizers EstateMAX offers a $375 Consultation Package:  This includes 3 hours with 1 Project Leader to walk through, review in detail the contents of the home and property. We develop priority lists, an action plan and an exit date to use as a goal.  We discuss potential problems and setbacks, establish a purging and packing schedule.  We discuss the exit date, the moving schedule, and new home requirements need.  We recommend several moving pros to interview. We discuss a potential downsizing liquidation sale, in line with the move out date. If the client is interviewing a realtor, we can recommend several.


On scheduled work days, we go through the home, room by room, establish priority areas and corresponding tasks.



The recommended time frame to start this process is 3 months to 1 year in advance of the client's projected move date. Considering house size, volume of inventory, the overall difficulty level.


The Action Plan - In the Home Hands-On Downsizing & Prep Home for Sale-  For hands-on downsizing projects, the EstateMAX team works with the client in the home. We move through the house, room by room to sort, organize, purge and pack. We pack what is going to be moved (and what needs to be sold or donated.) As we pack, moving boxes are stored in areas of the home ready for pick-up by the moving company on schedule. Fine china and insurable goods should be packed by the mover itself.


Furniture and décor to be left for “staging” the home, and/or for the downsizing sale, as appropriate, is tagged. The rest is boxed and moved to secondary area awaiting an estate sale, if needed for the realtor to complete their listing photographs.  EstateMAX donates unsold goods during the downsizing or following the estate sale, on the clients behalf.


The Staging and Spiffing Plan - Working with the client and client’s realtor, as requested, we provide staging and cleaning services for the home. using furniture and items set aside during downsizing or bringing in additional as is appropriate, based on budget and need. If hired to provide staging at onset of a downsizing project, we set aside furniture and decor, as we go, and install and decorate last. Lots of money is saved on labor and time vs. leasing or purchasing.

Cost to Client varies, based on the size of the home, and what is needed.


The Move Out and Set Up Plan - EstateMAX team can provide moving-day liaison supervision and set up of personal property in the new home.  This has proven to be a time and stress reducing service for busy clients.

moving pros

For new-comers to the Washington DC area and for seniors and boomer's or families who are overwhelmed with the move, we assure an efficient, organized transition and move in.

We work with the moving company to assure the client’s needs are met. This can include complete unpacking and professional organization, as well as the installation of furniture, appliances, and equipment in the new home. 


A punch list is written of final details to be finished. This can be done as a local, regional or national service, based on the circumstances.

Rates per hour, or per diem for out of town.


The Exit Package Plan- Pack up and Clean Out Management.  EstateMAX will provide complete pack up, disbursal to charity and clean up of the residence and property following the downsizing or estate sale, or following  a move out or for estates.


The interior is left broom swept, vacuumed and ready for settlement!


Trash Removal and Pickup Plan - Complete Trash removal from interior and exterior of property. We can provide a list of items that if not sold, will go to  recycling if they can't be donated. This cost is deducted from the estate sale proceeds or an estimate quoted per property.

Cost is by the hour for labor and packing and trash removal by the cubic yard.


The Sparkle Cleaning Services Plan - EstateMAX will provide complete professional cleaning services for the home, pre-open house or pre- settlement. The package includes  cabinets, appliances, fixtures, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and buffing. Interior and exterior windows is optional. Attic and Basements, garages and sheds can be included. Quoted per property.


TERMS - All Services are provided under individualized agreements. EstateMAX accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards as forms of payment. We require a signed agreement, a credit card on file and personal identification. Bank wire transfers are used when paying our estate sale clients.  We bill weekly during the course of all extended projects.


~Please email us for a NO Cost Phone Consultation first. We will set up an in home meeting at that time~

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