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B.A.D.   We are Born, we Accumulate, we Deny. Downsizing  is not a human inclination, but it sure cleans things up before it’s too late.

“Trans-Act-On” Steps to Support You in Reaching a Renewed Environment & Lifestyle! 

Follow These Keys to a Successful Transition:

  1. R. B. D.- Relocation By Design:Design a Plan and an “exit strategy”. Hire a great Realtor and a Transitions Manager. Your Attorney, Financial Advisor and all the professionals you count on should be notified you are moving forward with your life. Then “work it”… getting the right help is important at the start.
  1. D.O.S.-Downsize, Organize and Strategize: The 1 year rule-of-thumb. I suggest beginning your plan 1 year before listing your home, or before; (when it first occurs to you that you should be working on it, it’s time!) The length of time and amount of energy you dedicate to this depends on your personal circumstances, of course, so give yourself plenty of space! Do not procrastinate. Your move out date will sneak up on you without a plan.

Behaviors to Be Aware of and Quash

  •             Denial and Procrastination Creates Crisis. Bottom line, this is my observation of the number one reason for “life going sour”  for my clients.


  •             Stop (Accumulating). Put the money you would normally spend on more “stuff” aside in a separate bank account.


  •             Beware the Arm Chair Expert: The neighbor, family member or other acquaintance offering too much advice in your time of stress. Maintain Perspective.


  • L.B.Y.L.- Live by your List: Write it all down. At first, generalize, then get specific as you work your plan. Be methodical. Who (to give to), What (to move or give), When (to do it all,) Where (to move, etc. ) Why (all the reasons.) This is your life plan for your future. When in doubt, read it for affirmation.


  • H.O.H– Hire Objective Help.Family can be very helpful, if you are lucky! Don’t count on them to manage your transition. Consult with an experienced, professional Transitions manager who can work with you to assess your situation, develop a plan, and handle the details with your and your family. This is the person who sees you through the confusion and keeps you “on target”. Your right hand, and extra brain.


  • S.Y.S.- Sell Your Stuff:With the help of a professional, you can sell almost anything that you decide you do not want to move with you. Furnishings, vehicles, and yes, the kitchen sink. It all has a place in someone else’s home or salvage yard or auction, waiting for the right new owner. With the money made treat yourself to a new wardrobe, cruise or pay off your moving tab.


  • Keep it Simple: The old adage, but in times of big change, always the best policy. Move less stuff, add what you really want to enhance your new lifestyle!


Live Happy, Live Well!



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